Welcome to PoleCat South Pole Expedition 2014/15

A journey from the coast of Antarctica to the bottom of the world: 950 km across the frozen landscape of one of the coldest, highest, driest and windiest places on earth. This is one of the most challenging treks on earth with only around 300 people having completed the full journey, without mechanical or wind assistance, since Amundsen in 1911. Read more >


Learning Resources

Classroom Antarctica

Classroom Antarctica is a comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division

Proud to support Julian on this journey

Supporting Bliss

I shall be raising money for the charity, Bliss, which did so much for our close friends at the most difficult time of their lives.

On 26 January 2006, Oscar was born: the second son of our friends, Kevin and Belinda. He had stopped growing at 26 weeks and was delivered at 30 weeks.

On 15 August 2010, Daniel was born: the first child of our friends Richard and Sherryn. He was born at just 26 weeks.

The premature birth of a child is an emotional and frightening experience. The charity, Bliss, provided exceptional help and support to our friends when they most needed it. The charity's aim is to provide the best possible care and support for premature and sick babies, and their families. Most people will never need their help but for those who do, its support is simply invaluable.

I would be so grateful for any donation you are prepared to give to this wonderful charity. No amount is too small (or too big!). You will find a link to my justgiving page below.

Thanks to exceptional care and support, both Oscar and Daniel came through the difficult start to their lives and are now fit and healthy. Bliss aims to make sure that all children born sick or premature are just as lucky.

Sincere thanks also to UNITED LEARNING and CATERHAM SCHOOL without whom this trip, and associated fundraising, would not have been possible. Thanks also to MILLER BOURNE ARCHITECTS and SODEXO who have provided invaluable support.



I am hugely grateful to...

  • Andrea Buldorini, Dominic Norrish, Gary Frater and Julia Thomas for exceptional technical and design help. I am in awe of your talent
  • Staff, students and parents of Caterham School for your interest and support during preparation for this expedition
  • To everyone who has made a donation to Bliss via my justgiving page: your generosity means so much and will keep me going through the tough times
  • Steve Jones at ANI for his guidance and patience in helping me to prepare for this trip.
  • Rob, Arabella, Paula and Vincent - my teammates - for sharing this incredible adventure with me.
  • And, of course, Julia, George and Christian for being so patient, kind and good-humoured during my endless hours of absence dragging tyres through the woodland. I couldn’t have reached the start point without you.